18 February, 2011

HP,Twi & Cricut Expression Deal

  I remember posting about the forthcoming Harry Potter scrapbook themed Paper & Kits coming out! I never followed up with when it actually came available. For those of you who like me have forgotten you now have a reminder. If you are the lucky ones that have already purchase your HP Kits/Paper then Congrats and you forgot to tell me when it came out! Ha! Ha!

Harry Potter kit from Two Peas in a Bucket

Wax Seals

Shield Paper 

For you Twilighters 
like me, Joanns is having a sale on DCWV Stacks
you might be interested in the Immortal Love items

On a different note, anyone know where I can get Kate's Kitchen for the Cricut Imagine? I have been unable to find this cartridge, and of course I am looking for the best possible deal.

Oh another deal, check your local Wal-Marts it has been posted that they are selling Cricut Expressions (the Fashion Colors) for $100.00, I will be checking stalking my local Wal-Mart later today.

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