02 February, 2011

So excited! New Tool!

We have been in Jacksonville almost 3 weeks now? Something like that.. Well today I am not talking about Jacksonville, or my move I am actually talking about crafting.. (shocking) ha! ha!

I found a great deal last week on the Cricut Imagine at Overstock.com for 299.00 (currently at $389.99) with free shipping so I gave in and purchased one and my husband says Happy Anniversary! I'm good with that!

 Today when I got home there was a large box on the porch and low and behold it says ProvoCraft! Yeah so excited!

So later on I hope to be able to show you some video as well as some photos of a project my daughter and I are working on for school for her.

With very limited supplies we are doing the best we can.. We received our express shipment today which consisted of my DH's uniforms, recreational items, gaming systems my computer and our bicycles. Had I known better I would have added crafting supplies and more of our clothing to the express shipment.. live and learn int he military life.

See ya later with photos and or video!

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