10 March, 2011

Aisle 2 - Scrapbooking

Hello fellow Bloggers & Crafters! How are you doing on this wonderful Thursday?

Today I have been helping my DD in the cast catch up on her homework for the 2 weeks she missed due to her broken arm and surgery.

Other than that, today was a HAPPY Mail day as several boxes from my Mother arrived today. The boxes had the items I sent to myself at her house while in Transition during Black friday sales! No reason to have her mail it to Japan when I was moving to the USA a couple weeks later..

I have a new Aqua Expression with it's 2 cartridges, my Circle Cartridge Shall We Dance and some cartridges I bought for my friend Nicole since she purchased my old Expression so I could buy the Blue one. Although during Black Friday sales I did go a bit CRAZY and now own not 1or 2 but 3 Cricut Expressions. I am selling one of them along with other items on my Aisle 2 - Scrapbooking page. You can check it out HERE, I accept paypal and only charge actual shipping costs. I have plenty of boxes and packing material left over from my move :D!

Thanks for checking out my blog today, I hope to have something CREATIVE posted later today!

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