16 March, 2011

The Cast is removed

Today my youngest DD had her cast removed. They took x-rays to make sure her bone was aligned correctly.  Her arm looked worse then when she initially broke it. Of course they did cut open her arm and place 2 screws in, so I guess I should have expected it to look ewww. Ha! Ha!

These are print outs of the X-Rays they did of her arm before they took the cast off.

They placed Caitlin in a half cast again, this time it included the wrist. She has to remove it and work out/exercise her arm 30 minutes a day. Her arm is stiff so she has to do exercises to bend her arm forward and rotate her wrist. She isn't in pain, THANKFULLY! We will see how it goes, she is taking a nap right now without her half cast and sleeping on her arm so we will see how she is feeling when she gets up.

Have a great day everyone!

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