06 March, 2011

I'm Back! New House, New Room

My Blogging Hiatus is over!

Day 5

Craft Room (not scrapbook as I do not scrapbook) Day 5 FINALLY!!

We are almost 100% moved into our NEW home! I am so excited, I have a new Scrap space (temporary) but FABULOUS! The New house has a Hot Tub & a Pool and of course they have both been utilized by the kids, but DH and I have only been in the Hot Tub.
Lights up at night, and in the Spring it blooms Jasmine

Scrapbook Room Day 1

Living Room Day 2

Kitchen Day 1

We are going to have one MONSTER of a Garage Sale, in about 2 weeks. There is soooo much stuff we are parting with. Amazingly I am parting with a lot of scrapbooking items and some Pampered Chef items that I NEVER used.

Other than that the 2nd or was it 3rd day in the house? My daughter broke her elbow, YES her elbow! She has surgery on Tuesday to put pins in her arm. The NEW technology or whatever you want to call it, is that my daughter is in a 3/4 cast that can be removed and CAN get wet so she can bathe or be in a hot tub (not her cast though due to the chemicals). She did bathe with the cast and we used a hair dryer to dry it out and it's as good as when she had it put on.
The Culprit of the broken bone. DD was standing on the swing trying to see the dog in the backyard behind us when it flipped and she fell and broke her elbow..

First day, wrapped and in a sling

Comapring her arms side by side, it totally looks like someone elses arm (the arm closest)

The 3/4 cast that can get wet and be removed when her arm is sweaty and or itchy

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