05 April, 2011

Altered Frame

As I have mentioned before I am in a couple of Easter swaps on the CMB, some of them require to include in the package handmade items. For this requirement I have altered some wooden frames I picked up from Michaels.

This frame was trial and error, mostly error. I will not be using it in my Swap I do not think any of my partners would think I did a good job on it, so my youngest DD likes it as it is her favorite color Blue we are going to put a picture in there for her.

Honestly I can say I am not a direction reader **hangs head in shame** rarely do I if ever red the directions when I receive new products.

So this is what happens when you do not read directions. I purchased Tim Holtz distressed crackle paint in blue and thought ooohhh this would be  a beauty weathered looking frame.. Having never used the paint before I skimmed the directions and what caught my eye was you could speed the drying process..
So I sped up the drying process and did NOT like the end results there were not very many cracks or crackles or anything distressed about it.. so what do I do? I slap on another coat of paint and retry it.. Still not happy I decide to read the directions on the bottle, oh it says once you start to see cracks you can speed up the drying process.. so I try to make it look a little vintagey and use the Distress Ink Vintage Photo, still not happy I think what else can I do to this.. Hey I Know I have UTEE I haven't used that in a while I want it to have a glassy look, UTEE will do that right?

So I use UTEE on the frame 2-3 times and slap on a bow and a flower with a brad and voila you have this incredibly weird frame... AT least my DD likes it.. ha ha!

For the next frame I think I will stick with paper, well Moose (our dog) has  to go to the Vet..

Happy Crafting,


  1. This is such a neat frame... Very cool! TFS! :o)

  2. Don't you love when an experiment turns out. I cannot craft late at night unless I'm at a crop. Otherwise, I get too wound up and can't go to sleep. Great card .. I need that JT cart!


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