05 April, 2011

Midnight Crafting

Nothing spectacular but  I thought I would share..

A little back story... Last year my oldest DD won the Kanto Plains Talent Show (Junior Division in Japan)..

Since we now live in Florida she has decided again to enter the Talent Show and she has talked about it previously. However tonight after I have told her to go to bed and its already an hour past when she is suppose to be in bed, she informs us the Talent Show try outs are tomorrow and she needs to practice..

She had plenty of time today after school and she waits until an hour past her bed time.. DH helps her practice a few songs and she chooses one then finally goes to bed and leaves me to download the music and copy it to a CD for her.

After I have finished that I decide to make a sleeve for it, (mind you it is almost 0130, here)
So here is the CD Sleeve, and I hand wrote the songs on the CD (I dislike my handwriting and should have used a different color)

This pattern was also printed from Kates Kitchen

A Card I am working on from Kates Kitchen

Patterned Paper I printed from Kates Kitchen (love it!)

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  1. Well, kids don't always have the best planning but it sounds like she is talented. I love that you made the CD sleeve. Very cool. Love the Kate's Kitchen card and paper!


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