08 April, 2011

SCF- La La Studio & Dilek Layout

Well I NEVER, ok hardly ever make Scrapbook pages. ☹

When I received the digital stamps and the papers for the SCF DT I was excited!! ⎨a plan formed in my head of how to create a scrapbook page, just a single 12x12 page⎬

My Niece is expecting in May and is having a girl, we are all so VERY Excited!! I am going to be a GREAT AUNT!! I already have plans to alter some letters spelling her name for her wall, and I  purchased her some Winnie the Pooh Wall Pops ... oh she is going to be spoiled!

My Mom had asked me to do a scrapbook for my niece and the Baby.. I have a paperbag album I have been working on and I sent my Mom and Niece a few kits for them to work on together for a 12x12 album, I am going to be contributing to the album when I can.. ☺

Anywho, that is how the idea for this page was formed, it may not be all that Jazzy or Fantastic but for me a non scrapbooker I think it turned out rather well...

**Please excuse the terrible Photography this was taken at like 0300 on my iPhone, I can not for the life of me find the multi card reader for my Sony and I do NOT own a point and shoot**

** excuse the mess on the desk**

The Cricut Imagine was used & the Cartridge Nursery Tails to cut the little Dress
I used the Expression to cut the hearts out
Hello Sweet Baby was cut on my Silhouette
and my Imagine cut the photo placement using RGB to color coordinate with the paper from the bottom hearts
Blue Paper and Top Hearts Paper printed on the Imagine

This is a layout that has been pop dotted on another 12x12 paper to add depth to the papers under the cutouts

Digi Stamp from La La Studios ☜
Digi Paper (Bottom Hearts) from Dilek Design Studio ☜


  1. I really like the simpleness of your layout. I always think the photo should be the primary focal point of any page :) the elements you used fit the theme perfectly !

    Thanks for sharing !


    ps, where did you get your circlet button?? I want one :)

  2. Thanks, Heather! I will try to save the button :)

  3. Awesome layout! I love the idea of cutouts and popping it up over another paper. Fabulous!

  4. I like that the hearts are cut from the foreground with the color behind. Cute!

  5. Sweet layout. It will definitely draw the attention to the baby nicely. Oh, and by the way, that desk is not messy! I wouldn't even show you mine. LOL

  6. Oh wow this is such a beautiful page. I love it.


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