28 April, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you so much Cassie!
Cassie from Scrappin' Place & Buzzy Bee Designs has honored my blog and myself with this award.  

Check out the Scrappin' Place, you will not be disappointed, my favorite project is the TP Roll album!

  The rules for the Versatile Blogger Award are to tell 7 things about yourself and honor 15 bloggers with this award. Here are 7 things about me.

1.  I've been Blogging for 4 years my Blog-o-versary is being held the whole month of May

2. I have secretly purchased the E2 without telling DH, we will see if he notices a NEW item on my desk.. shhh

3.  I'm in the Circle and loving it.

4.  I've been honored this year to be included on my first Design Team

5.  I usually find my inspiration after 11pm when the kids and the hubby are asleep

6.  My scraproom is very blah at the moment, Im hoping to paint the walls and add more of me in the room

7.  I am a shy person ut thanks to being a Girl Scout Leader I have come out of my shell .. I am still that shy person but it doesn't take me as long to approach or have conversations with people now.

Here are 15 blogs (in no particular order) I've chosen for this award, Visit their Blogs and leave them some love because we all LOVE comments! 

Houses Built of Cards
Blissful Place
Simply My Crafts
Pieces of Ali N' Me
Scrappers Anonymous
My Little Corner
Skrappindiva’s Musings
Dreaming of Paradise 82

Cuttle Fairies Express
My Little Craftin Corner
DivineScrapperSomewhere Over the Rainbow

Cove of Creativity
Scrap Occurs
My Lazy Crafternoon
Two Hands Creating


  1. I have award for you

  2. Congrats,
    Thank You, Mary


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