03 May, 2011

Cherry Blossoms & Butterflies

Hello Everyone..so I am behind with the Crafty post, sorry about that..

If you notice I make mostly cards... I usually leave them blank on the inside and sometimes on the front also..That way when I need I card say, for an Anniversary I don't have to wade through 30 birthdays to realize I don't have an anniversary one.

The only other option I would have if I really didn't have any time would be to make a new sentiment and adhere it over the old sentiment, like covering up a boo boo.

Tips on Tuesday: Leave some of your cards blank, that way when you need a card you can grab it and stamp the appropriate sentiment for the occasion.

On to the Card

This was the first time I used my iRock tool, Thanks Jackie! Love that tool!
Butterfly Punch Stampin Up
Card Base Kraft Cardstock by The Paper Company
Cherry Blossom stamp by TPC Studio
Bling for iRock
Ink Unity Burnt Umber

Happy Crafting!


  1. Oooh what a great idea Heather! Lovely card too girlie! :)

  2. Adding a little something inside the card always is a nice touch! Wonderful little card!

  3. This card is so awesome! Gorgeous design. I just got an iRock, too and I love it. And what a great tip! :)


  4. Pretty Card! very crafty tip! :O)


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