15 May, 2011

Ella May has ARRIVED!

Today my niece Miste has given birth to my Great Niece Ella..
I am so happy that she has FINALLY given birth, the poor thing had been in Labor since Thursday pretty frequent contractions.. Only Dialted to 1cm on Friday.. Saturday she was in extreme pain and still had not progressed in dilation. Sunday they took their final trip to the Hospital where she FINALLY gave birth to the beautiful Ella May.

Morai and her Grandbaby!
Love you Sister!

My Niece and her BUNDLE of JOY!

Up Close..the Be-A-utiful Ella!

We are so excited to have another girl in the Family, she is certainly being spoiled (by me)..


  1. Happy Birthday Little Ella! What a blessing! I'm so happy she had a good labor.. although long.. no complications which is always great news! Congratulations Great Auntie!

  2. Oh my gosh - little Ella May is so beautiful!! Congratulations to you, great auntie Heather, and to your sister and niece! What a sweet little baby :)


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