13 June, 2011

Impatient Crafter

That's me Heather the Impatient Crafter.. I think this will be my  "NEW" title.. LOl
Seriously, I thought about NOT sharing this..but you know I had to share it!

So after seeing a FAB project on the Circle Blog I thought I'd give it a whirl..
Well I don't follow paint can directions well, and I could not recall exactly how the tutorial went...
but apparently I sprayed too much Frosted paint spray over my vinyl letters as 
they started to scrunch up and lose their shape..
ughhh .. I mean really, come on work with me..
ha ha

So I just had to share what an impatient crafting moment looks like...
I will have to re-attempt this and not be so impatient!

Happy Crafting!

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