13 July, 2011

California Photos

Wow, I can not believe how unproductive I have been this Summer..I feel like I am still recovering from my trip to California..

My babies sleeping on each other a rare moment of quiet and getting along for a 5 hour car ride

My Dad and his Great Granddaughter

Lake Kaweah, the water was so high we are actually still standing in what is suppose to be the parking lot

Playing around in Michaels with flowers

My Brother & His fam on Fathers Day!

Daughter with her eye issue

Driving towards one of the lake stops in the Mountains. BeautifuL!

One of the farms on the way to the Sequoias

Me and oldest DD at the airport

Youngest DD

Ella and her NEW hair band


Is there anything more precious than a sleeping baby?


LoL is all I can say!

Fog rolling into us as we approach LA

View of Six Flags 

View of Six Flags as we are going towards San Diego

Beautiful sleeping Baby

Train Art

Again Six Flags View as we are coming home from Camarillo
My FAVORITE picture

Here are a few photos from my trip. You can see the photos of my Great Niece Ella, love her to pieces! We drove by Six Flags Magic Mountain Twice. I thought the grafitti on the train was a neat picture, my daughters fell asleep on each other on the way to San Diego. My Daughter had an eye problem you can see her eye was not dilating properly, which required 1 trip to the ER and 2 trips to the Medical Facility and lots of eye drops (3-4 a steroid, a dilating drop, rewetting drop)..

Thanks for looking, hope you enjoy the pics.. These are my favorites from the trip and they were ALL taken using my iphone.. FABULOUS!

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