26 July, 2011

Christmas in July - Day 2

Welcome back!

 Today I am sharing with you how I did NOT follow directions from the Michaels instruction sheet and created my own Glitter Ornament..

Have you ever seen those project sheets at Michaels? Well one weekend there were a ton (at least 10) and I grabbed one of each of them. One of them was how to create a Glitter ornament.. I briefly read over it looked for the items on the instruction sheet and could not find them.. ugghhh ... So I came home with my goodies for the day and put it on the back burner..

First this ornament was not glass it is actually plastic. I pulled the top off of it and then tried glimmer mist, that totally was a FAIL! After wandering around my Craft Room opening and closing drawers I found some Close to My Heart reinker. I poured it in the Ornament and swirled it around. I then flipped the Ornament over and let the excess ink pool onto a pile of napkins, so I would not stain my counter tops. I then used red glitter and poured about a tablespoon in it and shook it around, again I flipped the ornament over and let any excess glitter fall out.

 The Deer on the ornament was printed from the Imagine using the Snow Angel Cart at 2.0 onto printable vinyl and then adhered to the ornament. To finish it off I used left over ribbon from 2 Christmas' ago and tied it to the top after replacing it and the hook. Voila a Cute Christmas ornament. I am thinking of taking it a step further and personalizing one for each of my daughters with their name on it. The possibilities are endless..

Ok if you are still with me through all of that blabbering, thank you!
Happy Crafting!


  1. Very cute Christmas ornament! I know your daughters will love their personalized ones!

  2. love the ornament... I love doing those type of ornaments and now I am going to have to do some like this.. thank you for sharing..

  3. Cool idea! I would never thought of doing that! Awesome!


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