23 July, 2011


I always thought that traveling would be alot easier and more fun as my kids got older.. I'm not sure if I like traveling with them when they were under 2 or now as Teenagers better.. Both scenarios have their pros and cons.

Traveling with Young Children:
You have more accessories to bring, toys, diaper bag, car seat, comfy items the possibility of the child crying or throwing tantrums during travel, fighting over who sits next to Daddy.

Traveling with Teenagers;
They can lug their own luggage, entertainment items with them, they have more of the I wants and gimmees, attitudes, arguments over window seats and fighting with eachother.

I'm not sure which traveling companions I prefer, especially after today when I received a dose of both.. The child in front of me cried until beverage service, not just cried but screamed tantrummed it up.. Poor baby looked about 2 but was a lap child, and just seemed so unhappy. Then the attitude of my teenage daughter mixed with the crying made me feel like traveling by myself next time!

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