29 August, 2011

Mini Album - Webster's Pages meets {ippity}

I worked on this mini album on Saturday. It is probably the first project that had so much product, I did not use my Cricut and all measurements and cuts were just pulled from thin air.. LOL

Even with all of the flaws in my project I still love it! Call it a dry run/trial run whatever.. I will be, in the near future making more of them and being more proficient/precise in measurements and cuts etc..

I want to thank my Creative Team who with their Fabulous-ness have inspired me to branch out a bit. Thanks ladies you are all WONDERFUL!

Be warned, this is a  bit photo heavy..

All Papers & Embellishments are from Webster's Pages

I wrapped this Rose like a single stemmed rose, in plastic and tied this "notecard" that was folded in half and stamped with Smile..
From the {ippity} set How You Doin' IPK-143

This cute 10 Cent Tag is from the {ippity} set Here and Now Stamp IPK_146

The sentiment is from the {ippity} set Quotes a la Happy IPK-135

This quote is from the {ippity} set Delightful Little Things - IPK-122

I love this! This heart shaped Family sentiment is from the {ippity} set  Here and Now - IPK-146

The hat pin is not from Webster's Pages, it is from a floral supply store

The white tulle in this photo is not Webster's Pages it is from Michaels

{ippity} stamp set Flowers+Friends = Priceless IPK-149

Little journaling notes in the box are from the {ippity} set A Moment in Time IPK-121

 A Moment in Time - IPK-121
Blue Ribbon tying the album together is by Offray

If you made it through the entire post, thanks for sticking with me.. 

I just liked this album so much I wanted to share on this blog as well as my dedicated to {ippity} only Blog.. 

1 comment:

  1. Hello Heather, I was playing catch up with my blog followers and finally made my way to your blog.
    It looks good and this album turned out fantastic. I love all the details, your papers, flowers, special touches. It is so pretty!
    By the way, I have an award on my blog for you. I hope you stop by to retrieve it. The post is set to drop tomorrow though on Wednesday, August 31st.
    I enjoyed browsing your blog and seeing your wonderful creations. The owl tutorial turned out really well too.
    Crafty best,


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