26 September, 2011

Watermarks For Sale

Good Evening everyone! I love my Mac and I love making new things and trying things out. I have been into graphics and designs since sig tags were EXTREMELY popular 8-9 years ago.

I have been making watermarks for people the past couple of months so I have decided to sell them for $2 each.
If you are looking for a watermark for your photos, creations etc to post on your blog/facebook and or message board you belong to I can help you out.

 No shipping charge, no tax, just $2! Click on the picture for a larger, clearer view of them. If you are interested you can add as many to your cart as you'd like by clicking the add to cart button.

You can save the above files as a png file and try them out on your photos.

**See a design you like but want it to say "created by" or something similar.  No problem, just add the "created by," "design by" or whatever to the beginning of your name and I'll add it in! 

**Please note, design may change slightly to accommodate long names  or website addresses.

Click on thumbnail to see a larger image.

Select Color

Select Color

Using Your New Watermark

I use Photoshop Elements to edit my photos, so my instructions will be geared towards Photoshop applications. However, your watermark has been saved as a PNG file which will allow you to use it with all editing software. If for some reason you are having trouble adding your watermark to your photo, please email me and I can help.

In your editing program, open your photo and edit it (crop, brighten, sharpen, etc.)
Open your watermark. It is on a transparent (checkerboard) background, so it will be difficult to see until it’s placed onto the photo.

Your editing program should have something displaying Layers. In Photoshop it is on the right hand side at the bottom. Select your watermark and you should see a thumbnail image of it in the Layers bin. Click and drag the watermark from the Layers bin directly onto your photo. You should see the watermark clearly now and you can now resize it to fit your photo correctly. Resizing it from the corners of the selection box will allow you to keep its proportions intact.
You can now save your photo as a JPG image for your blog or shop.
If you don't have a photo editing program that allows you to layer photos, you can download a free program called GIMP, here

Please let me know what you think - I really would appreciate the feedback. As I create additional watermarks, I'll post it on the blog and add the information on this post.

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  1. so cool. going to be ordering one! Need to decide which one first.


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