22 October, 2011

Cricut Vinyl Figurines, Do you know the Mystery?

Each Cricut Collectible figure has a common shape (based on the Cricut logo) and 1 of 12 unique themed design. This first collection is based on the different Cricut machines that have been released. Their bodies are the color of an existing machine, and the contrasting color on their arms and antennae is pulled from the "shoulder" color of their respective machines. 

Per ProvoCraft via Cricut.com

"The 3” Cricut Collectibles ™ are a series of small vinyl Cricut figures of various colors that you and your friends can collect and trade.  Each color represents a different Cricut Machine, and each figure has that machine’s logo on its back. 
They come in a sealed package so you never know what color you will get until you open the box! Because of the exciting surprise nature of this purchase there are no refunds and no returns.
The 3” Cricut Collectibles™ are great for your craft room or wherever you like to express your craftiness. 
Have fun and enjoy your new friends."

Green Cricut Expression
Cricut Imagine
Purple Cricut Expression
Cricut Cake
Champagne Cricut Expression
Hunter Green Cricut Expression
Dark Blue Cricut Expression
Turquoise Cricut Expression
Pink Breast Cancer Cricut Expression
Cricut Create
Mystery Limited Edition Cricut

So far I have ordered 2 of them and I have opened
the Red Cricut Cake & The Pink Ribbon Figurines!
Can not wait to ORDER more!


  1. Oh, Those are so Cute! I have the Green Cricut Machine and would Love to get the Green one. Would Love to know Where you get them and are they expensive? Thanks for Sharing! :0)
    cindymarshall63 at hotmail dot com

    1. They are really hard to find. They do have them at Cricut.com but they are 9.99 and you don't get a choice of color, it is pot luck. If you found them anywhere else, let me know. Thanks.

    2. Where did you get them? michele@designandvine.com Thanks!

  2. i love the cuties wish they wernt so expensive to but on ebay i just love having them

  3. i love the cuties wish they wernt so expensive to but on ebay i just love having them

  4. Is there a way to buy one i just bought the maker and would luv one of the cuties

    1. You can get them at cricut.com in the $49.99 mystery boxes.

  5. Is there a way to purchase these

  6. Is there one for the Cricut Joy yet? I just got one for my birthday and it would be cute on my desk next to the machine


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