20 October, 2011

Hello Thursday, WOW!! 13 Cartridges!!

Cricut Imagine Cartridges - 3 of these:  Santa's Village, Santa's Wish and Floral Emporium
Cricut Lite Cartridges -   3 of these: Cricut Pet Shop, Fast Food and Sweater Weather 
Cricut Full Size Cartridges -  6 of these: Noah's ABC Animals, Ribbons and Rosettes, New Testament, Go Canada, Paper Trimmings (Cricut Circle Exclusive) and Cricut 'Tis the Season (Creative Memories only)
Cricut Project Cartridge - 1 of these: Cricut Stencil

All of the imagine cartridges are on my wish list!

I just ordered this cartridge! Love the images reminds me of Christmas Cards I received as a child!

This is my favorite, I can not wait to own it! I will be so happy to have this in my hot little hands! .. LOL

Some of the cartridges I found in Cricut Craft Room and just chose some random images and plugged them in on the mat so you could get an idea of what they look like in CCR if you do not have it. You can always click on the photo to enlarge it.

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