12 December, 2011

Day 10 Birthday Countdown Giveaway!!

Hello everyone!! I missed 2 days of the Giveaway so I am extending the Giveways until 18 December and all prize winners will be chosen/announced and shipped that week!!

So my Birthday was yesterday and I spent the day with my kids and husband, it was a nice quiet Celebration...

Are you READY? To see what todays Giveaway is? 

Did you Guess one of these guys?
If so, then you are Correct!!

Day 3 is the Blue Cricut Vinyl Figurine 
(he is a duplicate, I do NOT have a box for this guy... it was inadvertently thrown away..I will package him safely to arrive at your home)

What is the Birthday Countdown Giveaway?

From now until my Birthday I will have random giveaways!
You can comment every day up to 3 per post (except Post 1 which is 2 days combined)
How to enter the giveaway!

1. Leave a comment Each Day on the Giveaway Post
2. Share about the Giveaway on Facebook or Twitter
be sure to leave a comment telling me where you shared (FB,Twitter)
3. If you Blog about the Giveaway, leave a comment with the link to that post on your blog

When will the Winners be Announced?

On December 18th, Sunday

When will prizes be mailed?

The week of December 18th

Who is the Giveaway open to?


Good Luck! Thanks for participating in celebrating my Birthday!
I hope all of you have a FANTASTIC Day
Happy Crafting!


  1. He is a little cutie! Thanks for the giveaways!
    jtg0398 at sbcglobal dot net

  2. Sweet Day10 giveaway and those cards are just pretty

    myfootahead at gmail dot com

  3. Shared your Day10 giveaway on Twitter

    myfootahead at gmail dot com

  4. Beautiful card. Cute little cricut guy. I'm going to mention your giveaway on fb right after I'm done posting here. Thanks for the chance to win. I am a follower of your blog.
    Glad you had a quiet birthday evening.

    Smiles Sher

  5. Love these cards! You are so talented Heather!

  6. Your cards are beautiful! Love the little cricut guy! Glad you had a great birthday! :)



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