05 January, 2012

{ippity} January Release! 5 NEW Stamps!

IPPITY-IB-001  Faith Begins


                                                         IPPITY-IB-002 Happy are those

IPPITY-IB-003  Sweet on you

IPPITY-IB-004  "Bee" better together

IPPITY-IB-005  Wise Guy

Click above to shop online at I Heart {ippity}!

How cute are these sets?
Do you follow Unity Stamp Co on Facebook?
If you do then you may have seen the announcement teaser about {ippity} stamps...
If you do not follow them, then let me share what was posted..

 GUESS WHAT!!!! the {ippity} line of STAMPS will SOON BE AVAILABLE to purchase THROUGH an {ippity} chick ON THE UNITY WEBSITE! You will be able to purchase ALL {ippity} stamps and UNITY STAMPS on the UNITY WEBSITE - one shipping charge - order fulfilled AT UNITY! HOW FUN IS THAT! :) our chicks are pretty excited as well. ♥ we have some WEBSITE QUIRKS to work out and then ONE MORE NEW thing for 2012 will TAKE PLACE! i LOVE new - LOVE CHANGE - love 2012!!!! ♥

How EXCITING is that?


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  2. Lovely, card. The Bird is perfect. Great design.
    I have got to start using my Imagine!


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