31 January, 2012

My Craft Room Re-Do

Good Morning Bloggers! Finally I have revamped my Craft Room! Woo Hoo! What prompted the re-do besides owning my own house now and having my OWN space... My Birthmas gift from my DH!

Still some things to do, hang the pegboard, hang my shelves, hang some framed word art and some wood words on the wall, finish velcro-ing my cricut cartridges to the inside of my scrap box.. Put together another cabinet.. etc etc.. Also this is a messy pic sorry, I just don't have the energy to clean it up today..still in recovery mode.. :D


  1. Love the colors and what you have done so far can't wait to see the pic's when u r done.

  2. I want a Scrapbox! LOL Do you love it? Great job on the paint!

  3. Lucky scrapper! Your room already looks awesome and it's only going to get better! That paint job is FANTASTIC!!


  4. I am so jealous!! I keep begging for a scrapbox, your room is my dream. I love your red and the stencil on the wall, wow, is all I can say!!
    Gorgeous and happy crafting!!

  5. I'm getting one as a Valentine's gift. I can't wait! Love what you've done!

  6. Gotta know how long it took hubby and friend to get it put together!! lol

  7. Congrats on the new Scrapbox...I felt the same way when I got my new scrap shack in May 2010...it's a 12x24 cabin type building that was built by the Amish and delivered on a flat bed to our farm. Then my husband wired, insulated, installed 5 work stations, lighting, ceiling fans, cabinets, heat and A/C...it is my pride and joy...my friends call me "spoiled"...I say, let's call it like ya see it..."SCRAP DIVA!" LOL


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