30 March, 2012

Little Prince Blog Hop

Homespun Elegance Prince Blog Hop

I will be participating in a Little Prince Party Blog Hop on March 31st and April 1st! I hope that you will join us!

You will start here @ Jessicas Blog and see fabulous ideas & inspiration for the Little Prince(s) in your lives as you hop along the way!!

We are doing a RELAXING giveaway in preparation for the hop!

To be entered into this relaxing giveaway, you need to post about this Blog Hop with this information:

March 31 - April 1
Little Prince Blog Hop
& grab our blog hop blinkie on the top Left hand of My page and post to yours!

The girls and I will be jumping on your blogs and pages and one lucky participant will receive a Mini Vacation!! Winner will be announced April 3rd!

There will be blog candi at EVERY stop in this Hop, so be sure to come back March 31st and play along!


<a href="http://homespunelegance.blogspot.com/E" target="_blank"><img alt="Homespun Elegance Prince Blog Hop" src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v685/FeryQueen/Homespun_PrincePartyBlogHop.gif" /></a>


  1. Heather I can't wait for this weekend! Thank you so much for Co-hosting this weekend with me! I couldn't have done it without you!!


    Jessica and Mason @ www.homespunelegance.blogspot.com

  2. Heather I love all your card designs.
    Thank you so much for sharing. Ava
    New follower


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