19 April, 2012


Good Morning Bloggers!

 Nothing crafted by my hand personally today..

But I am here with a post on trends.. What I am seeing as Paper Crafting trends right now. This is solely my opinion and my opinion alone. You do not have to agree with me everyone has their own opinion. I am just going by what I see in the scrapbook stores, retail stores in my area, what I see as trends..

Hot Shape:

I Heart {ippity} DT Member used hexagons in creating a  Fabulous Layout

Color Palette:


Die Cutter:

If you do not know what this machine is...
it's the Silhouette Cameo


My Stenciled Wall

Photo from HERE

Photo from HERE

Mediterranean Influence:

Photo from HERE

Photo from HERE

Photo from HERE

Chevrons (in ANY color):

Photo from HERE

Photo from HERE

Photo from HERE

Photo from HERE

Clean & Simple:
Photo from HERE

Banners: (wall hangings, cards, shirts etc..)

There are a lot more..

SteamPunk, Misting, Masking, Vintage, Lace, Grunge, Subway Art, Vinyl, 
Shaped Cards/Boxes
Like I stated before this is my opinion and my opinion alone..


  1. wow! those chevron nails are awesome! don't forget washi tape in the mix! lol love all of the cool example pictures. loved your post, Heather..fun and informative!

  2. TFS!Love it!Great tip on the color trend!

  3. I think your opinion is SPOT ON! I love the stenciled wall!!!!
    Jessica S

  4. ;) You are the bestestest :) Heather!!! Thank you for sharing the giveaways and my little Elmo Banner!! LOL It looks so out of place out of all of those fantastic projects but it means the work to me!!


    Jess @ www.homespunelegance.blogspot.com


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