10 June, 2012

Cricut Craft Room Update Build 151

After updating the Cricut Craft Room to build 151 my Cricut Imagine stopped communicating with the Cricut Craft Room.

So i went to Cricut Sync and found out my Imagine was a little behind as I needed to update it. I did that and restarted my computer and voila communication with the CCR Program and my Imagine started..

 However my machine would only print and not cut, no matter if I chose cut only or print and cut it would only Print and just mimic the motions/time of cutting and spit the paper out uncut..

FRUSTRATED!! That is what I was, very very frustrated.. I have all kinds of projects due and my Imagine is MY main machine..

Thankfully a DT Sister Shelley Peeler posted this today:

here is a link for people to revert back to the old version of craftroom so that they can cut with the imagine again.... Didn't know if you would want it on your regular page or not so I am leaving that up to you!!!


I downloaded this installed it, chose replace current version and then had to restart my computer. After restarting my computer I chose 2 new images to print & cut from the Lori's Garden Cartridge and CCR & the I communicated beautifully and print and cut both images for me!!


So if you updated and are having issues you can revert back, I believe this is build 133.
Don't forget to restart your computer!

I hope to be beach next week with a lot more projects since my machine is now communicating with what I consider my Cricut part of my brain! LOL

Oh and I do not know if I ever shared this!! But here ya go, have fun with it!


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