20 July, 2012

New Cartridges


the New Cartridges?

If you are a Cricut Circle Member then you have already seen the NEW 
cartridges being released..

If not then well you will see many BLOGS including this one talking about the NEW Cartridges today.

A Frightful Affair

I am sure you have been seeing the ANNOUNCEMENT of the NEW CTMH (Close to My Heart) Cartridge called Artiste.. Well here is a look at it!

CTMH Exclusive Artiste


I really like the A Frightful Affair cartridge and of course the CTMH Artiste Cartridge is a MUST Have!
The Fontopia cartridge I think I can probably live without, I just don't know what to make of it. I know someone will probably do something amazing with it and make me think I have to have it though.. LOL

If you would like the Close to My Heart Artiste Cartridge
and do not have a CTMH Consultant, (I am not one) then I have a recommendation for you for one..

Raquel Davis
Krafty Kaboose

Tiffany Grant Simmons
The Crafty Teacher

Jamie Lindstrom
Jamie Lindstrom Designs

You can view the FULL Artiste handbook

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