15 February, 2013

Michaels Craft Haul

So the wonderful ladies on Facebook posted about some FABULOUS deals at Michael's Craft Store...

Silhouette Cameo is suppose to be ringing up at $149 if you can find a store that still has one.. (I called 5 locations with no luck)

MME Paper Pads for .01
Recollections 12x12 paper pads for .01
Spellbinders Christmas Dies for .01
DCWV paper stacks for .01

Then there are just regular super super deals of items on sale!! Have you been to your local Michaels lately?

I hope all of you had a FAB Valentine's Day.. My time in California is winding down, today we visited my High School haunts and had some of the most FAB Taquitos and fresh made salsa YUMMY!

The bad thing is, I am getting a cold and hoping that it cures itself before my flight on the 19th. I would hate to fly with runny/stuff sniffling nose. etc..

Q: Are these prices marked with signs in the Store?
A: No.. I went to 2 different Michael's Stores the first store said she couldn't sell it to me for .01 and just gave it to me, the 2nd store sold it to me for .01 but asked if there was more (which I'm pretty sure I grabbed them all) because if there were any left she would remove them from the sales floor. They would then end up in the trash bin most likely.

From what I have gathered from others posting about these deals, lets say you have one item in our cart but there are 10 others on the shelf.. When you check out it rings up for .01 you can get that item for a .01 but you can not go back to the aisle and grab the rest.

I have heard that the Associates deny the sale altogether

 they say they can not sell it to you for .01 so the put the price at about .49 instead

Have a FABULOUSLY Crafty Day Bloggers!

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  1. I was just at my Michaels and didn't see any of those deals :( I feel like going back to check!! Happy Friday :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. wow, can't believe it! Are these just ringing up that price or is there a sign? Thanks for the info!

  3. I was told by a manager that only the stores that are phasing out the cameo (will no longer sell it) are reducing them to $149 to get rid of stock. The michaels stores that will continue to carry them will not be discounted. Hope that helps!

  4. My Michaels store had some good deals too, but I had to get the manager to approve them. When an item (Aleene's Glue Dots) rang at $.01, the clerk said she could not sell it to me. I asked to see the manager; she sold that one to me at a penny and the 3 other ones I also had in my cart (they were red-tagged), she gave me for free! Yippee!! I came home with a mother lode of crafty goodness and spent $56 at 3 different Michaels, and had 9 bags full, including an Ott Light for $8 (MSRP $99)!

    Thank you, M's! Yes, I shop at full price, too!


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