24 April, 2013

Craft Room Organization

WOW!! Look at that MESS!! AMAZING!!

Ok this looks a little better!

NOW THIS IS BETTER!! & Organized!! <3

Top Drawer: Has Straws/ Sponges/Action Wobbles/ Label Maker/ Distressing Tools
Stamp a Ma Jig/ Stamp Pad. 
Middle Drawer:
Glue Guns/ Glue Sticks/ Embossing Powders in Large Jars
CTMH Supplies
Bottom Drawer:
Cinch Chipboard covers
Kraft Cardstock prescored/ Smash Products/Journaling items/Tissue Paper/ATC Cards

Chicken Wire Frame Where I Hang finished Cards
3 items above frame are altered items I Created
Shelf holds Copics/Aqua Markers/ TH Distress Markers/ Spica Glitter Pens/ Colored Pencils
Pencil Shrapener & Corner Chompers
2 Baskets of Completed Cards
Items for Sale
PLastic Bin has 
Top Drawer Unity Stamps
Middle Drawer Your Story
Bottom Drawer Your Story accoutrements

MY Work Box I love it!
Left Hand Side Halfway Full of CTMH Items
first shelf CTMH STAMPS
2-4 Shelves CTMH Paper Packs
MISC/Extra Cuts
Die Cuts
Letterpress Kit & Items

**will do a video it will be shorter LOL**


  1. LOL...this post just made me laugh because my room looks kind of like the "before" photo right now. I reorganized some months ago when we moved furniture around and we bought some storage. You would think my craft room would be neater, not messier. But I was still in the in-between stage where I had boxes and stacks of stuff sitting on the floor until I figured out where it all went. Unfortunately, my usual method of quick-cleaning is to stack all unrelated things into boxes and worry about it later. So putting it away first involves separating it all out and then organizing. Argh. So one question....how do you organize and store various embellishments that are kind of left over ? Like random die-cuts, titles, things that don't fit a theme?

    1. Hi Karen! I have a drawer in my Scrapbox that holds random die cuts and loose paper that I have cut/punched/torn etc etc.. I don't sort these items any specific way it actually may be 2 bins now.. There are even cuts from when I was first getting use to my Cricut Imagine.. HTH


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