15 April, 2013

Digital Scrapbook Page & De-stashing

Good Morning Bloggers!!
So I accidentally deleted some files/programs the other day that didn't need to be deleted.
Thankfully I was able to re-download my Adobe Photoshop Elements 9
I usually just use it for Editing my pictures..

I was playing around last night though and with my re-download there were some changes like I can't find how to use the text tool when you select the word then make it bubbly/or chrome etc.. I also can't find where to add drop shadows.. Besides that though I was working on editing some pics of my Great Nephew born 1/27/13 and realized it had some (Photoshop) really cute Digital Scrapbooking stuff..

So using ONLY elements in the Photoshop program I was able to create this layout for my Nephew & his NEW Family

{click to view larger}

I think it came out rather cute & still boyish..
Maybe I will get back into Digital Scrapbooking and Project Life this year

{click to view larger}

I am in the process of De-Stashing/De-Cluttering
simplifying/organizing my life.. As much as a Mother of
Teenagers, a Chauffer to disabled In-Laws, a Military Spouse, whose
Husband is about to move 12 hours away and then deploy, Taxi for Children
etc etc the many hats I wear I am trying to be as organized as I can be..

One of the main sources of my Dis-organization is my Craft Room, because it is ALSO
Bill Pay Central, Mail Collection and holds all of MY Crafty Horded Goodies!

So I am slowly starting off with this room. 

I belong to a Crafty Trade Site on Facebook called Crafty Trade Corner
I have had several successful trades of things I no longer use or NEVER used for items
 I KNOW I will use/NEED Now.. SO Nice..

I do belong to several FOR SALE Pages on Facebook and have had minimal success..
So to reach more people I have also started listing on Craigslist and I will post in my Store @ Store Envy.. Links soon to follow!

I am also posting on this Blog as well.. I use to have a SALES Blog dedicated specifically for this but I am managing so many Blogs/Pages etc that I have removed myself from admin of things that are NO Longer active or that I am NO Longer using.. That Page being one of them..

{click to view larger photos}

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