15 June, 2013

Dream Big

Good Morning, how are all of our Pretty Little Peacocks Today?
It's a
 at Pinque Peacock...
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Today is my day to share with you what lovelies I have

created with goodies from the Pinque Peacock Shop.

I was able to work with the FABULOUS Ceramic Stars & Barrels Stick Pins and put it on this sweet little card I put together.

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Thanks for stopping by Pinque Peacock today,
you can find more projects by me at

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Heather I love all the textures you used on this card and the antique look of it!! It is perfect!!!
    Pinquette Shelley

  2. Such a great card and that stick pin looks gorgeous on your card!


  3. Heather this is such a cute card. I love that it can be a manly or girl card. TFS AJ-


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