10 September, 2013

Have you heard about Fanchimp

 FanChimp is a program that you create an account with and it will automatically post things from your shop onto Facebook and Twitter when it's the peak time to do so - it takes all the guesswork out for you.  Let me tell you all about it....(there is a  FREE trial)...

I think part of the struggle with promoting your Store/Page/Business in general is figuring out the rhythm of FB and Twitter as it is tricky and ever-changing.  And even when you understand posting, etc, you still have to take the time a couple of times a day to post and promote.  I love that this takes care of the social media side of things for your shop, and that you can set it up once for the whole week.  That's how I like to do things! (like with my blog, I love to have several posts ready for the week - things just go smoother that way.) You select the subject/themes of the posts that will be posted to your account that way it stays uniform/aligned with the theme of your Facebook/Blog/Store etc.

I have saved so much time as well as picked up NEW fans all while utilizing FanChimp.

Insights about FanChimp:

-it's really simple
-it requires you just 10 minutes a week of work - that will save you tons of time and work in the long run
-it works (as you can read what testimonials say in the homepage)
-that you have 30 days of free trial, where you don't have to add your credit card. And if you just stop using the service, after the trial you'll not billed 

It's fun to read the testimonials - - this is working for shops like yours!  Some things people are saying:

I have been using it for several months now and have seen some great results! ... More fans, more buyers."

"It has generated tons of traffic to my shop and my sales have increased
"What the heck was Fanchimp?! Well, turns out it's the BEST thing ever for thriving entrepreneurs!" 
"Oh how I love fanchimp! Fanchimp has allowed me to do what used to take hours in as little as a few minutes. It's my perfect social media helper"

1 comment:

  1. Hello Heather,
    I'm sorry for the delay but I just saw today this lovely post.
    Thank you very much, if you have any suggestions to make Fanchimp better please let me know.

    We're releasing very soon (next week I hope) the new version of the product, and I would love your opinion about it as well.

    ;) Have a nice day!


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