23 October, 2013

Homecoming Princess

Hello Bloggers it has been a while.. A lot has been going on in my life..

I took some time for myself to relax and craft yesterday and I created several Digital Layouts in Studio J using my Daughter's pictures from Homecoming.. I think is the best layout, because it represents her school colors and matches well with the other colors in the photos. I created this layout using the Laughing Lola Paper Kit and the Star Layout.

My daughter was elected as Junior Class Homecoming Princess along with this young man Aaron Foster elected as Homecoming Prince.. The Homecoming Festivities were an eventful 3 days.. Homecoming Parade, Homecoming Game, and then Homecoming..

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My Daughter is holding things together and more brave than I ever could be. I am very PROUD of her and the beautiful young lady she has become. I am also very saddened by the need for other Teenagers to be so hateful, spiteful, hurtful etc etc .. I allow my children to be on social media, but they know I will stalk them socially, I will know what you put out there and what people post to you. 
If I do not like what you post it is removed or you are removed from that social media, too many infractions and you lose said social media, pretty simple rules. I am saddened that other parents do not check in on their children and their social media outlets..

I have recently become aware of the bullying, yes bullying/harassment/hateful things being posted to my Daughter almost on a daily basis until I shut down her account. Where are these other children's parents? The hateful things spewing from these anon people is disturbing to see slung at your child and to feel that you have failed to protect them, 

I am disheartened even further to think I know where this is all coming from and the Mother refuses to step in. 

Yet, my Daughter still holds her head high, places a smile on her face and walks into school everyday. She eats lunch where she is occasionally accosted by food being thrown at her, yet this has not been addressed at the school, she holds her head high.. She faces off with the people throwing the food and they talk down to her like she is 3 and tell her to walk away.. She does because what else can she do? No one stands up for her or stands by her side for the onslaught or her confrontation, yet she still holds her head high with a smile on her face..

She has been threatened to be harmed physically, to have her vehicle damaged, called the ugliest names all behind the name anon.. She has said come out from behind anon status, come to me, bring it to me and don't be a coward, yet they hide behind their anon..

My heart breaks for her and I am filled with anger for her, I will find out who you are anon and I will stop this. You will not run her off, you will not ruin her,  you will not diminish her, she will hold her head high and be strong and you will be found out and you will be sorry.

***Vent Over***

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  1. Love your layout, VERY pretty...Love the colors, and congrats to your beautiful daughter for being chosen as queen...Hugs Patti


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