02 December, 2013

Crafty Sale

Join me for the purging of my Craft Room! Get in on some deals, stay and chat for Giveaways! Stamps, Ribbon, Cricut Cartridges & Much More ... Shipping is not included, I accept paypal and or cash if you are local. I will ship the best rate available.. Before the cast ends if you purchased I will request your email address.. I will have help with keeping track of who wants what.. (:D) payment expected within 24 hours of end of Live event.

Join ME Janury 4th at 9:00PM! 

I hope to see you there! Grab your favorite beverage, turn your computer on sit in your comfy chair PJ"s or not, no one is going to see you.. Chat with me live and see if you want to shop from your feet with from me?!

example of items for sale:

**Due to the HOLIDAYS and my HECTIC December schedule, the Crafty Sale LIVE Event has been rescheduled to January 4th 2014!**

Join the FACEBOOK event page HERE

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