13 December, 2013

Feeling a bit SCREW-ed

So I have contemplated writing this for a while now.. I just need to get it off of my chest..Because the picture above depicts how I feel about this situation...  A WELL KNOWN Blogger/Crafter was selling some of their supplies as they were moving.. Said person stated each box would have a retail value of $250 and were sold for $110.00 (includes shipping)  now that is ALOT of money to part with at one time for any person.. I gave in and purchased one of these random Grab Bag boxes GUARANTEED to have a value of $250 (this was in August).. The box arrived and it DID not have $250 value in it.. I photographed the box, emailed the seller of the box said person apologized stated someone else had packed the box and they would give me $75 credit to their store.. After numerous emails, checking on the credit I finally was able to get a response from the seller and seller stated send in your order.. Well I sent my order in several times it is NOW December and I frequently every couple of weeks email seller about the store credit which seller has just stated never given a code for or anything, emailed an order on 2 different occasions never received a response back from seller.

Now the thing is if and when I publish said sellers name I KNOW there will be backlash on me because of this persons standing in the Crafting Community, HOWEVER I HAVE ALL of the EMAILS I sent and all of the Correspondence the seller sent to me as well.. Nothing has been resolved and of course too much time has passed to issue a paypal complaint, which I should have done for the amount of store credit that was offered and then I would be done with this.. But alas, here I am, yes I received product not to the value of what was stated...

The original email sent, and I still have the contents of the box that I received untouched...  I have left sellers name out on purpose... (I was mistaken it should have been $250 in product value)

Im a bit disappointed in your grab bag box it arrived quickly I highly doubt though the contents of said box average out to 200-300$ worth of quality of product … only 4 of the stamps were not $1.00 bin stamps..
2 small paper punches 3 dies 3 stamping up pads (used) distress ink a roll of trim 2 small maya road packages (one of alphas one of flowers) and some tim holtz twine a roll of prima ribbon does not in my opinion
make a $200-300 Grab bag box.. i purchased from you because of your standing and popularity in the crafting community.. a little disappointed that is all

Sellers Response (again names removed)

 Omg, I just chatted with me xxxx and she filled that one! I'm going to give you a $75 credit at my online store. Would that be ok? I'm so sorry about that and I don't think she filled it like I did. xxx finished them that next morning because my train left early, I'm so so so sorry about this

screen shots of emails below... Name of Seller has been smudged out and Seller input over it..

  • Initial Contact in August, seller responded immediately... August 12th...
  • August 31st Questioned Store Credit
  • September 7th emailed seller again re: store credit
  • September 30th Seller Answered Question
  • October 30th - sent order to seller
  • November 7th - sent order to seller as no response from first order and now items were no longer available at seller store
  • December 6th emailed regarding no contact 
  • Here it is December 13th no parcel from orders sent from sellers store, no email response from seller...

Throw in the TOWEL??



  1. Wow & Yikes!! Heather I'm so sorry your having to go through this. And yes that is too much money to loss out on and not get what you paid for. I wish I know who it was I wouldn't order from them. This makes me so upset when these things happen. I pray you get your order soon. HUGS AND LOTS OF LOVE AJ-

  2. I am so sorry! I would be super angry. That is not right. I hope it gets taken care of


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