18 December, 2013

Just a Sniffle

So I have been up since 0300, my throat felt like glass was breaking in it my nose was making it impossible to breathe and I could not get comfortable enough to go back to sleep.
Am I at home enjoying broth, and laying in a warm bed, catching up on the sleep I missed?
Nope not me, being an actual responsible Adult I reluctantly got out of bed this morning had some broth, got myself ready for work and worked.. At about 10am this morning I wanted to crawl under my desk for a nap, but I resisted. Sometimes being a responsible adult sucks! LOL
Alternating Tylenol and Ibuprofen, drinking water, taking care of customers and getting my 8 hours of work in. Tomorrow is suppose to be a short day for me, we will see if that happens because lately it has NOT!
**This wasn't posted yesterday due to the fact that when I got home I slept for 13 hours!!!**
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  1. Trimming the tree
    isoscia at aol dot com

  2. Baking :) my family makes lots of goodies to share

  3. Oh, hope you get better soon. I hate being sick, especially around the holidays when you have even more responsibilities than usual..
    And my favorite family tradition is making and sending out handmade cards to everyone!


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