23 December, 2013

Wrapped Special

Good Morning Crafters!

I have just been having a whirlwind of a December, how about you?

I am still Christmas Shopping, my Mom leaves back to California after her 3 week visit. I am VERY thankful and lucky that my Mom was able to take the time and visit me and my kids and help me out, I can NOT thank her enough..

Back to my Project..

Today I am sharing with you a Christmas present I wrapped and used Pinque Peacock product on.. I love how it turned out! My next gifts will utilize Pinque Peacock Product as well.

I stuck with a color theme for our presents this year, and used all of my left over wrapping paper, all of my wrapping adornments and even pique peacock product to make the gifts look fabulous!

Pinque Peacock Products Used:

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my project today! Look in your Pinque Peacock stash and see what you have to add to your Christmas gifts this year, it will add to the WOW factor I promise!!

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