19 January, 2014

Have you Heard? New Cricut Explore?

Well it would seem that Provo Craft is coming out with a new machine called the Cricut  Explore ...

 What  is being said about the new Cricut Explore:

"Cricut Explore is the first product to be released as part of this new era for the brand. 
A versatile cutting, drawing and embossing machine, it is paired with powerful software that empowers users to create a vast range of craft products."  

  Looking forward to seeing the announcement personally from ProvoCraft on Tuesday the 21st! 
Would you be interested in this new Cricut Explore machine or will you be sticking to another brand of die cut machine? 
In November SVGCuts posted HERE suggesting a NEW Machine by Provo Craft that would enable the use of SVG Cuts.. Interesting.. 

Patent Information for the AIRCUT HERE
Computer software development tools; computer software for use as an application programming interface (API); Computer software for wireless content delivery

Patent Information for Design Space HERE
Downloadable computer software, web-based computer software application, cloud based computer software application, and downloadable software in the nature of mobile web applications for use in the operation of electronic cutting machines or cutting and printing machines for paper and other materials in sheet form and for online design of images and projects.

Maybe their announcement is compatibility with Mobile Devices?

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  1. Heather...is this going to allow us to import svg files in from outside sources?


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