20 February, 2014

Happy Valentines Day

Hellllloooooo There!!!  It's me again Ethel...(ha ha ha...made you think of a Ray Stevens song)...Robin Novak.  Ohhhh MMMMMM GEEEEEE...  I am just a cliche of movies and songs here lately.  Realistically, I'm aging myself...but I'm good with it.
Today, I am sharing some more valentine cards that I made using the Cross Stitch Wishes stamp set from Close to My Heart.

I love the clothes line of hearts.  It just warms my heart and makes me smile.  I think the next time, i will use my markers to have a different color for each heart and maybe trim around the hearts...Ohhh the creative energies are flowing today!

Who doesn't love conversation hearts?  For those of us that are painfully shy, they are a means to communicate without ever saying a word.  :)

In the Cross Stitch Wishes set, there are these cute large cross stitch hearts that were just screaming out for the "conversation" sentiments.  I dug through my stamping stash and found all of these awesome little stamps from all different manufacturer's that worked perfectly.  This is a gate fold card in which the hearts are on one side the the pink and loopy border are on the other.  Unfortunately, you can't tell by this picture, but I popped the red "love" heart up.

Another week gone and a few more things to post in the coming days...Don't forget to check out my blog Robin's Nest:  Scrap out Loud

Have a blessed day!

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