11 February, 2014

Welcome to the Team!


Hi Friends!!  I'm am so thrilled to be selected as a DT member for I Heart Stamping
 with Paper Crafter Anonymous. 
 My name is Robin Novak and you can find my blog at http://tqmnurse.blogspot.com.
I am happily married to my best friend, also known as Babe.  We have 4 grown kids (How did that happen so fast?) and 8 (yes, you read that correctly 8) grandchildren.  We are very blessed.  I began scrapping 8 years ago when we were expecting our first granddaughter.  I was so excited and wanted to document her journey.  Who knew that little scrapbook would lead to an obsession with paper crafting? 
Apparently, unbeknownst to me, my children were not surprised of my new obsession.  They say I have always been crafty.  Looking back, they are right.  I've always had some project going from altering projects to X stitch (ha ha ha...I couldn't think of a craft starting with the letter Z). 
So here I am starting a new adventure of being on a design team for Paper Crafter Anonymous!  WOOOOOO HOOOOO..... Wheeeeee!!!  I think this will be some ride!  I can hardly wait.  Who doesn't love CTMH.  In the coming weeks, I will be sharing some of my creations in hopes that it will inspire you, my friends, into joining the crafty ranks of paper crafting.
Until then, be sure to check out
www.iheartstamping.ctmh.com for awesome products.

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