30 April, 2014

Project a Day, Giveaways and an Update

Are you ready for the #iheartstamping challenge? Lets all get crafty!!! During the month of May I will be creating a new project every single day. That is 31 new projects. Want to join me?

To top it off I am going to do weekly GIVEAWAYS for those of you participating. There are several ways to join in on the fun.... you can post your project to my Facebook page, you can pin them on Pinterest, you could tweet them on twitter. Just make sure they all include #iheartstamping with Paper Crafter Anonymous and this will help me and others find them.

The calendar will give themes, shapes, colors, ideas, etc and you'll check the calendar daily and create a project accordingly. So for example on the May 10th  it says “Glitter it Up” so you'll need to create a project which can be a card, 3D project, scrapbook layout, etc and you'll want it to include Glitter. Do you think this will help to get your crafty mojo flowing? I know it will for me. I'm so excited, hope you are too!

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Can't wait to see what you all create. It's going to be a BIG challenge for me cause on top of creating the projects each day I will be posting them to my blog every day. To help keep it flowing I will be creating one day ahead so that you all see what I create each morning. So if I can do it with Teenagers and a Full Time Job, I know you all can do it too. :)

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