03 December, 2014

Gift Ideas with Close to My Heart

Close to my Heart gift suggestions:

* page 164-167 Base & Bling jewelry Make a super cute personalized necklace or bracelet 
(around $12 or less)

* page 159 Cut Above Treat bag kits. ($15 for 10) Perfect for filling with candies to have on hand, or gifts for neighbors and folks you do business with throughout the year.

* page 160 Cut Above Christmas Card kits. ($12-$13 for 10 cards/ $1.20-$1.30 per)
Make your own Christmas cards (everything is provided, you only need a small sentiment stamp)

* page 161 Cut Above Thank you & Birthday Card Kits. ($10-$11/$1-$1.10 per card)
Perfect gifts for your crafty or wanabe crafty friends, or make up these cute generic cards and package in sets of 5 or 6. Who doesn't need cards? These kits are precut and go together so quickly, fun too! If giving as a kit, pre-stamp the sentiment piece, and you're good to go!

Starting at $13, these are awesome gifts for kids and adults alike!

* page 146-149 Picture My Life kits
Add one of our new albums!

Frame a singe scrapbook page (with or without photo) for a lovely gift. 
So many awesome gifts on this page.

I hope this helps get you thinking about how you can use 
CTMH for your gift giving needs.

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