28 January, 2015

Quiet Here, the reason why

Good Morning Bloggers, Crafters and friends.. This is unfortunately not a crafty post..
It is an explanation of why the Blog has been so quiet and gone without being updated.. My apologies to all of you for this, though if you follow my Facebook Page you are aware of why this page has remained a bit quiet this month.

First let me thank my wonderful and FABULOUS design Team Deirdre and Louise for helping to keep the blog flowing as all of this was going on..

January 11th my brother in law Andrew Flaherty passed away unexpectedly, he died of a massive Heart Attack.

That morning was like any other day for me  I got up took care of my kids, did some household chores, then went across the street to watch my neighbors son who is 2 months old so they could have some Mommy and Daddy time at the movies.. Andrew called me and we made plans to get his propane and oil left at my house form Turkey frying at Christmas, that was about 1:15pm. He was cheerful, joking with me and all was well.

At 2:34pm I received a call from Life Alert, they stated my MIL Vee had used the life alert button and stated she believed her son was having a heart attack, they had dispatched an ambulance and were informing me of the situation.. It took me 15 minutes to arrive at the house, when I reached the stop light to make the turn I had to wait as the ambulance whizzed by me.. I pulled into the driveway and met my mother in law and tried to calm her and wanted to know if she wanted to go to the hospital now, she had been on the phone alerting the other family members. My husband called me to assess the situation.. I left a few minutes later without my mother in law and left her in the company of my youngest Daughter and started my way to the Hospital. I received another call that from my MIL that the hospital called and told her she should come to the hospital. ** This was new, I had never had that happen before so I wasn't sure what was going on, I called my Husband... As I was approaching that same light that the ambulance passed by me at to pick my Mother in Law up to take her to the hospital, my husband called.  Andrew had passed away, I couldn't understand what he had just said, I didn't believe it.. My words were " Are you fucking kidding me?"I was in shock. I had to pull over and cry..I then had the task of having to appear that I did not know this information, take my Mother in Law and Daughter to the Hospital so she could be told.
We are lead into a room to wait for the doctor after about 5 minutes he walks in and we are told the following. 
 **this is not verbatim**
Mr. Flaherty flat lined in the ambulance on the way to the hospital and we tried everything but we were not able to revive him, he passed away at 3:06pm.

While I am doing this my Husband is in Virginia having to process this information on his own and inform his family members as well as the Navy and request time off and make plans to come to Florida..

I won't go into all of the details of everything else, though they are burned so brightly and vividly in my mind still.. I will tell you that this is the reason why I have not been on the blog, why my sidebar links and information on specials etc or not on the page.. As my life is slowly returning to normal I am working on my blog and business.

I can tell you though I feel this loss, I will post on facebook and I find myself looking for his retort something off colored or funny.. I will drive by something and think about him, be out eating and remember something he has said..

Here are some of my favorite Andrewisms:
Be Sweet
Miss me while you're gone
How is my Favorite Sister in Law - (I would always tell him, I'm your only SIL)

Things he thought were funny:
Coming out of the bathroom with wet hands and rubbing them on you saying "teach me how to pee"
Going to a restaurant and because he was legally blind he usually ordered off the menu by saying
"surprise me" yes that is how he would sometimes order.. LOL

  Thanksgiving 2014
  Thanksgiving 2014
 Thanksgiving 2014

 1997 My Wedding

  Christmas 2013
 Look CLOSELY at this shirt
LOL.. the funniest thing, people in Chic Fil A loved it.
 New Orleans 2000

 Fred picked up Master Chief, Andrew and my oldest Daughter Amanda
 pinning his new anchors on him, 2013.
 November 2013
Andrew, Fred & Cade
He would give you the last dollar in his pocket if you needed it, the shirt off his back, he would help you out with yard working or whatever needed to be done things he shouldn't have been doing because he knew you needed help.

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  1. So very, very sorry to hear of your loss. He sure sounded like a great guy! Prayers to you and your family!


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