29 January, 2015

Stay Tuned - DeStash Sale

Good Morning!

I have a confession to make...
I am a SHOP A Holic
I am a Hoarder of Craft Supplies
I try to keep that information from my Husband
but the jig is up
he is FULLY aware of the PROBLEM I have when I commit to something..

In light of recent events, I am doing something I have been UTTERLY
procraftinating about.

De-Stashing, Cleaning out MY Craft Room

Here is a small list of things I will have for sale!

  1. (NIP) New in Package  Cricut Cartridges
  2. A Few Linked Cartridges
  3. Cricut Vinyl Figures
  4. Unity Stamps - NIP
  5. Close to My Heart Stamps - NIP
  6. Rubber Stamps - NIP
  7. Random Stamps
  8. Random Paper
  9. Grab Bag Boxes
  10. Some used stamps
  11. MISC Craft supplies

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