16 March, 2015


 Good Morning Crafters!
This card is a continuation of the card from my post on Friday.
When I posted the card created using the artfully sent image that made a project life type cut out.
Well I used the words cut out from the card, sepcifically just the word hello to create a second card.

This week I am all about quick & simple.. Finding time to make cards that are quick and simple and NOT boring.. Honestly we don't always have time to craft, and we don't always have time to shop for cards. I like to have a supply of readily available cards, where I can just sign and go or add an additional stamp to the inside of the card and be on my way.

Black Cardstock, White Daisy Cardstock, Black Shimmer Trim, Hello cut out from previous card in Cotton Candy and this sweet flower from Pinque Peacock complete this card. I did want to add some dimension to the cut so I used liquid glass but on the H I got a little heavy handed and it bled over, I am not too concerned about the opps though..


See you tomorrow for another share of Quick & Simple Cards!

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