18 March, 2015

Hugs and Kisses

When I started this Quick & Simple Card series..
 What I did to begin the cards is take one 12x12 sheet of Cotton Candy Cardstock and cut the following images:
Easter Egg Cut Out Card - will be posted later
This Heart image as a Picture My Life (Project Life) Card
The Hello I Love you Image as a Picture My Life (Project Life) Card

I wanted to see how many cards I could make and have them be quick and with supplies I had close at hand. I have a Craft Room FULL of items that I keep adding to. At times it can be overwhelming and with my work schedule so much so that I really had not created anything in a while.
So I challenged myself to get in my Craft Room and CREATE! I gave myself a very limited time frame and I was able to complete 4 cards in an hour. 
From choosing the stamps, the images, using and loading the Cricut Design Space hunting for adhesive, working in my crowded unclean craft room and cramped overflowing desk.. LOL

Artfully Sent: Image found on pg. 36
Black Cardstock
Artfully Sent cut out on Cotton Candy Cardstock
XoXo Stamp Set
Black Ink
Heartstrings Paper

Thanks for dropping by! I hope I have inspired you to get inky! No matter what type of space you have to craft in, the amoutn of time you have or the supplies at hand. Get Creative!

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