31 March, 2015

Studio J - What is your Style?


Picture Heavy Post - Fair Warning
{click photos to view larger}

I am sharing with you today some layouts I created and saved in  Studio J because I have not added photos to them as of yet they are incomplete.

Heart Strings Paper Pack
Layout: Through the Lens
On this layout I added the color for the buttons, ribbon, and stitches.

Hop Scotch Paper Pack
Layout: Snapshot
On this layout I added the color for the ribbon, changed some of the paper colors/designs around and added the die cut element on the second page.

Wishes and Fishes Boy
Layout: Birds Eye View 
On this layout I added the color for the brads, ribbon, and stitches, I added the whale sticker, stitched circle, medium accent circle sticker and the boy oh boy tag and the banner on the first page.
Snow Haven Paper Pack
Layout: Photo Op
This Layout I did not add any embellishments, I just added the color for the brads, ribbon and photo clips

Sweet Heart
Layout: Honeycomb
On this layout I added the color for the brads, ribbon, buttons and stitches I also added photo corner elements and a tag. 

Why am I showing you this? Well to show you the versatility of Studio J. 
You can use the layout as given, choose different papers or get as creative and add as many or as little additional elements that you want onto a layout.

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