17 April, 2015

Cricut Explore & Grad Announcements

Hello Crafters!

I shared some quick pics of my semi-completed project of using
my Cricut Explore to address my Daughter's Graduation Announcements.

I have had ALOT of questions regarding Font and how it was done.

Steps I took to create the addressed Envelopes:
  • Created an A2 sized square for a template
  • Chose a Font, changed it to Handwriting Style
  • Typed the Address- placed in appropriate location once the Addressee and Addresser were on the square 
  • I chose the option to remove the square or clicked the eye to make it invisible
  • Select All and Attach

**NOTE** Make sure you have the same color selected for all addresses unless you will be changing pens or you will have to go back to the machine and keep hitting go (continue) - ask me how I know.. LOL

Repeat for Envelope 2 

(if you are using A2 envelopes you can fit 4 on a Mat)

Click the Go Button
Since you attached the envelopes separately you can now place them on the mat to where you need them to be. For me the easiest was to place the 2nd envelope at the 6 inch line and the first envelope at the top.

Then watch as your Cricut writes beautifully for you and saves you from the hand cramps!

Here are some pictures that may help you understand as well.


{click photos to view larger}
 I hope this helps you address your own envelopes!
Thanks for stopping by!
Have a Crafty Day!

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