24 July, 2015

Bloom Tool, Make Amazing Happen

1. Piercing Tip

Add or create tiny details to your projects using the piercing tip. Guaranteed sharpness and clean piercing every time.

2. Spatula

Hate ripping your paper when you are separating it from the die? You won’t have to start over again! Spatula tip allows you to control the separation of your paper!

3. Bent Piercer

No need to ruin your nails or strain your eyes peeling off the backing of white or red liner tape. This bloom tool tip features the dual function of peeling and piercing.

4. Brush Tip

Using a toothpick to clean out your dies can only go so far. With our brush tip you no longer have to poke individual die openings- use our brush for quick and easy cleaning!

5-7. Stylus

Creating beautiful dimensional paper flowers just got easier! Use the large stylus tip to add volume to petals and other smaller cardstock pieces. Also ideal for dry embossing using your favorite stencil. Offered in Large, Medium and Small.

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