31 July, 2015

Hello Lovely

Daisies, Sunflowers, Bees, Yellow this is a bright and cheerful card and was so fun to create.

Cutting/Stamping & Prepping:
  1. Stamp the sunflower image and two of the bees on to the Whip Cream Cardstock using Black Licorice Ink. Ink up the longer brush stroke image with Lemon Drop and stamp on top of the flowers and the bees and then re-ink with sweet pear and stamp on top of the leaves to give color to your stamped images. (I did not use sweet pear on my flower leaves)
  2. Fussy cut the flower and the bees
  3. Stamp Hello Lovely greeting onto the small Journey Circle using Black Licorice Ink
  4. Using the longest Brush Stroke image stamp the Whip Cream panel three times using Sweet Pear and Lemon Drop
  5. Now lets add some silk, Flick Gold and Silver Silk over this panel

  1. Adhere the Whip Cream panel to the Black and White Striped Patterned Paper, pop this layer up on the Whip Cream card bas
  2. Take a long piece of Journey Thread, wrap it in a loos e loop and place it on top of the stamped card base panel. I ran a couple of strips of easy glide adhesive to where I would place my Journey Thread and circle over the adhesive.
  3. Pop up the pierced circle with Journey Foam Squares then add the sunflower and pop up that image and attach it to the pierced circle.
  4. Pop up the stamped circle on the bottom right of the card and pop up the bees using foam squares (When in doubt, pop it out!)
  5. Add the mini candy dots, Journey glaze the center of the flower then add the sparkle cuts.

Supplies Used:
Whip Cream (CS-0040)
Journey Basics Black & White (PP-0012)

Dies & Stamps:
Journey Circles (DI-0039)

Ink Pads & Silks:
Black Licorice (IP-0041)
Lemon Drop (IP-0043)
 Pool Play (IP-0051)
Gold Silk (IP-0096)
Silver Silk (IP-0090)


Adhesives: Foam Squares, Journey Glue Dots, Easy Glide Adhesive, Journey Glaze

If you have any questions or would like further instructions on how to assemble this project please feel free to email me.

Happy Stamping!

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