29 September, 2015

Celebrate with Yummy & Delicious

It really is my unbirthday! Speaking of Birthdays let me share with you some wonderfully created items that you can use when planning your next Birthday Party! I love the Yummy & Delicious by Fun Stampers Journey, they make throwing a party simple, fun and fabulous!

The card on the Left: a party without cake is just a meeting could be a cute little Birthday Invitation or a card I would give my Teenager for her Birthday.
 The card above with the tiered cake could be used as either an invitaion or a wonderfully sweet Birthday card.

 Did someone say party favors and or treat boxes? Because Fun Stampers Journey has you covered there as well..

How about Birthday hats? No problem, this could even be used at a little kids party as part of the fun. Let them color and attach their own cupcake, how cute!

Yummy & Delicious Stamp Sets

Yummy & Delicious Printed Paper
Yummy & Delicious Accessories
Yummy & Delicious Dies & Embossing Folder

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